[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The use of generic computer programs is usually regarded as solution which provides a great amount of productive tools. But it is more likely that some of them have little or any use, utility or they don’t adapt to the company needs.

As a result of those inaccuracies, the gain in time and money is lost (so that they are economic and easy to install) so the corporate executives have to leave to seek an expert who can make adjustments to adequate system function.

Ideally, for an evolving company that is improving its systems through the implementation or updating its technological tools, it is to have the support of a professional and experienced group that can be able to provide innovation and customized solutions through the software development according to its needs.

The software you need

Go Consultores is a specialized company in developing software in Honduras. Our team of engineers and experts in software developing are able to help you to plan, design and implement the customized software systems that a company needs to achieve its goals.

We develop and provide cutting-edge and world class IT solutions intended to companies in the public and private sector of the Central America region. Taking advantage of neighborhood and knowledge of the countries that make it up.

Go Consultores is a company created in 2005 with a view to supply the software development service through the modality of outsourcing, as an alternative to support the corporate sector with more advanced, precise and accurate technologies.

We provide services for software development in Honduras in tailor-made software areas, systems integration, business intelligence and technical support desk service (Levels 1-2).

Hiring Models

We work with four outsourcing models: Target Cost Contract: Contracts with a fixed price by function point; Contracts per consumed hours; Contract for flat rate per assigned profile.

We guarantee our clients in Honduras the software development service, backed up by a well prepared human team with the necessary functional knowledge to execute the assigned tasks.

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