Proyecto GO Blocks
15- Jul2019

Project: GO BLOCKS

Go Consultores conducts actions under its environmental policy in order to involve its collaborators into the environmental care . For that purpose, it has launched its “GO BLOCKS” project. In the words of an environmental committee member, Maleni Barahona, the initiative consists of using plastic bottles to store up waste which is not usually recyclable to later use them as blocks or sound insulators in multiple construction sites.

Proyecto GO Blocks

The importance of this undertaking for the company lies in not only having an ecological component by giving a productive use for the common waste but also seeking to have a social impact with these finished blocks. At this point, the project is in the collecting stage of “ GO BLOCKS”. When the amount of blocks allows to carry out a construction work , the company’s Social Committee will select a beneficiary to build a work.

Within these actions, the company has trained the 100% of its staff on the filling of these labeled blocks so that from home the staff can execute this initiative. The whole family is expected to be involved. Go Consultores has an environmental policy with waste handling components, as well as the use of energy. This project forms part of a work plan the company is committed to execute.

Lanzamiento de su Iniciativa de Responsabilidad Social Corporativa
15- Jul2019

Launching of its initiative of Corporate Social Responsibility

Last July 04, 2019 Go Consultores launched its initiative of Corporate Social Responsibility. The event was intended to its collaborators who successfully participated in the activity. According to the data of the Organization Committee, 100% of its collaborators attended the event. The activity started with an explanation to the attendees about what is involved in being a socially responsible company. Right there the backgrounds were explained as well as the prior work that was performed by the company during the previous months to be able to launch this initiative.

Afterwards, a talk was given about Corporate Ethics. In the course of this talk, Carmen Hernandez provided a full explanation of the basic tools ( Ethics Code, Ethics Committee and Reporting Channels) which intervene in the Corporate Ethics. In addition, the attendees were reminded about Go Consultores values which are: professionalism, integrity, respect and teamwork.

Lastly, an introduction was offered in respect of the covered sections by the company ethics policy: corruption and bribery, unfair competition, conflict of interests, money laundering and information security.

Lanzamiento de su Iniciativa de Responsabilidad Social Corporativa

Once the ethics talk was over, the presenter Jose Chaves provided an exposition of  Labor and Human Rights. In addition to recalling this topic’s origin and also mentioning the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights. furthermore, Go Consultores commitment was explained when approved the Labor and Human Rights policies.

Finally, the company’s actions to cover issues of interest on this regard related to Health and Security, Labor Conditions, Training and Professional Career  as well as Diversity, Discrimination and Harassment.

As a third presentation Mr. Nerlyn Ramos performed an exposition which  was defined as an “environmental awareness”. This talk sought to recalled the attendees the importance of execute actions that contribute to the care of the environment and also help global initiatives to halt Global Warming. Topics such as sorting waste as well as energy savings were recalled.

To close  that presentation, the actions and results that the office has been executing since 2018 on this regard were presented as well as forthcoming actions, outlined in the 2019 plan.

After the talks, the Reporting Channel of Go Consultores was launched and also the beginning of the first ecological and social initiative (ECO BLOCKS) where our collaborators’ relatives were involved.

The activity finalized with the reading and acceptance of the Ethics Code, Labor and Human Rights policies as well as the approval of current environmental policies set by the company’s management.

Lanzamiento de su Iniciativa de Responsabilidad Social Corporativa

23- Nov2018

GO Consultores is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility

Go Consultores participated in “Value chain training “ provided by one of its main clients intended to suppliers rated as clue partners in the long term. The objective of this Project is to include its suppliers on topics about CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) also called Socially Responsible Investing.

Goals of Sustainable development

1-The end of poverty        2- Zero famine     3- Well-being and health

4- High quality Education    5- Gender Equality    6- Clean water and Cleanliness

7- Accessible and non-polluting energy 8- Decent work and economic development

9- Industry Innovation and infrastructure    10- Reduction of inequalities

11- Sustainable cities and communities. 12 Responsible production and consumption

13- Action for the climate 14- Marine wildlife   15 Life of ground ecosystems

16- Peace Justice and strong Institutions    17 Alliances to achieve the goals

The training was provided by EY(Ernst & Young). This is one of the most important professional service firms in the world, which includes audit, taxes, finances, accounting, calculation services, actuarial studies and counseling on the company management.

The training was taught during 3 days, with related themes to Eco-efficiency,

Human rights, Childhood rights, sustainable purchases, Data privacy, Objectives of sustainable development. (ODS)

After the end of the training, the second stage starts. For that purpose, the RSE EcoVadis monitoring platform has been selected. This way, there will be a monitoring and a guide on how to implement the best practices, as well as continuous improvement.

GO Consultores has kept its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. Now, with the achieved guidance and counseling it seeks to structure all these initiatives within an achievable and measurable plan.