20- Jul2021

Staff augmentation services in Latin-American

“Staff augmentation is the use of outside personnel temporarily to increase the capacity of an organization.”


To leverage existing resources as well as utilize outsourced services.

Increase capacity.

Access to specialized skills: required for a period.

Flexibility: Allows to have as many developers as need at the given time.

In every company there are activities that distract the administration and staff, reducing the time and strength they need to carry out the proper function of the central activity at the company. During the last years, a world trend has been consolidating itself towards the use of external support (Such as Staff Augmentation), by hiring companies which provide specialized services to complement the company main functions.

With a population approaching 9 million inhabitants, Honduras (A Central America Country) has been making a turn regarding its development process. With a prime location (Central Standard Time), Honduras, is a perfect option for staff augmentation in Latin-American. Particularly, Go Consultores, as an IT company, develops and provides cutting-edge and world class IT solutions and services.

To respond to each need and specific situation, we have established hiring models for staff augmentation:

  1. Contracts for consumed hours: the client administrates human talent and distributed within the execution projects.
  2. Contract for flat rate by assigned profile: a flat rate is defined lower than the contract by hours and it applies for extended time projects.