Software Development (WEB, MOBIL)

Customized Software

When our clients request an app with particular characteristics to their company or business that cannot be worked out or adapted to the available automation tools in the market, we present the alternative of creating a software application specifically built to figure out this particular problem, adapting to the company’s rules and standards, that is to say, a unique and exclusive system. This is known as customized software. In GO Consultores we count on the modalities of web and mobile development.

  1. Specialists professional services on the computing applications development using agile methodologies of software development.
  2. Professionals in the following areas: Projects Management, Systems developer Analyst, Quality Assurance, Documentation Generation.
  3. Some of the technologies where we have participated are:
  • Databases: Oracle, SQL Server, My SQL.
  • Oracle Platform: APEX, PL SQL, Application Server 11G, EBS, Jdeveloper 10G y 11G, Workflow.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio: ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, DevExpress
  • PHP: Laravel Framework, JSON Web Tokens for Laravel.
  • JavaScript: Angular JS, JSON, JQuery, AJAX.
  • Cloud Platform: Amazon Web Services, Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, Amazon S3, Amazon SES
  • Version Control: GitHub / Attlasian’s BitBucket
  • Mobil: Ionic 2, Angular 2, Sass TypeScript, OneSignal Push Notification Service.

Web Development

Internet has turned into an access window to the world. The information and knowledge it offers to the public are a great advantage for people and companies that want to make themselves known in new markets and also present themselves before potential clients, build up alliances with other entrepreneurship groups so that they can get the blessing to access immediately to their area advances.

With the speedy march of information technologies, it is crucial to have a web system since it provides the following advantages:

Connect to the world:

By having two web systems, you will be able to connect easily to other applications; therefore, they will give you more competitiveness. Imagine! Being connected to Facebook, Twitter or any other social network.

Accessibility 24 hours a day:

You can have your systems available all day, anytime, from anywhere in the world. This way your business won’t be halted.


Enable your systems to be accessed from any device connected to a network, either a computer, a cellphone or tablet.

Easy updating:

By having web systems, it is not necessary to be updating each computer of your staff. Even updating are performed easily.

Spread your business:

Take your business operations anywhere easily.

Mobil Development:

The applications for smartphones have grown up exponentially during the last decade, thanks to the expansion of multifunctional portable devices as well as its relative simplicity when it comes to figure out routine problems. GO Consultores offers our clients applications developments for mobile phones operation systems such as Android and IOS.

A mobile application allows you and your organization the following facilities:


This application can be accessed from any authorized place by our mobile network.

Expansion of software tools:

We can use the Smartphone design to extend a company software application functionality: image scanning, GPS searching, automatic user login, multimedia usage, etc.


All the information is located in one cellphone, other devices are not necessary to get the maximum benefits.


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