Service desk for technical support on applications software (level 2)

Having computing solutions in a organization implies many responsibilities since  anytime inconsistencies or fails could come up, which cause inadequate use of the systems, for this reason GO Constultores has a series of services that guarantee your software can be supported by a quality service and quick response in the face of any eventuality.

  • Receiving calls in the user areas and responding to its requests. Registering queries, requests and incidents occurred in the applications, either through emails, telephone calls or in person; according to the respective tools.
  • Analysis and maintenance for low or middle impacts requests as deemed necessary and also applies your request through the service desk.
  • Revision and validation of documentation, scripts and displays in every change to be implemented on software.
  • Closing and normalization of all the requests for change proceeding and emergency.
  • Production of monthly reports required by the user areas.
  • Management of all the changes and permits to production through the respective tool.
  • Diagnosim and solution of reported fails where there must be access to production serves to determine possible fail causes so that a solution can be proposed. This solution must be validated by the owner’s system both technical and functional.

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