GO Workflow

GO Workflow is an engine for business process management. It has an array of own functionalities particular to a BPM (Business Process Management) allowing you to integrate it easily in different ways to the software platform of any organization.


What functions does it include?

  • Rapid process modeling: in a simple way an administrator user will be able to model any process inside the tool. It is allowed producing new versions by keeping previous historic.
  • Email notification: those who are involved in this flow could receive notifications if they wish some or all the flow stages.
  • Task validation in stages: It is allowed to parameterize an array of tasks which must be performed to move on the next stage. These tasks can be automatized (integrating them to other systems) or manuals ( check lists).
  • Handling expiration times in stages: For those stages where there is an expiration time, we have a functionality that is define when modeling the process.
  • Flowing logbooks: we count on logbooks that allow to know details of each executed flow inside each tool.
  • Integration with customer systems: we count on events that are executed when changing the stage for integrating other software. This functionality allows updating other systems with the workflow.
  • Measurement metrics: when modeling a flow, expected times by stages can be established. That allows to compare the expected time to the effective time of each stage.
  • Labor periods: Defining labor periods by flow as well as exception days (free days) . This will be used by the search engine to calculate the effective time:
  • Handling roles by stages and tasks: it applies for stages where the work teams are made. This is achieved by keeping a role for stage and segregating stage tasks in different roles or people.
  • Among other minors.

How does it work?

The diagram describes how the Workflow engine works internally and how it is integrated with external software.

GO Workflow Admin: It is a Web module with administrating functionalities that allows:

  1. Modeling new workflows.
  2. Consulting how is a particular flow.
  3. Managing all the authenticated user pending tasks where the user takes part.

GO Workflow API: Available service library where the external software can be integrated into the workflow engine. Among the available services we can find:

  1. Listing of authenticated user pending stages and tasks.
  2. Functionality for stage change.
  3. Functionality for starting the new flow.
  4. Listing for user tasks for a particular stage among other.
  5. Among others.

GO Workflow DB: Relational database that stores up objects that allows the engine to work correctly.

Some screens

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