Go permits

Mobile software which allows to manage different kinds of leave requests of a organization.

It is a mobile software which allows to manage different types of vacation requests or leave requests in an easy and intuitive way inside a organization as well as controlling the amount of available vacations each collaborator has in order to improve the communication between the organization and the employees. This way it is automatizing the processes, when compared to traditional methods poorly effective, favoring a more precise and optimal control of these administrative processes.

What types?

The work permits can be adjusted according to the names they have inside the organization.

As an example we count on:

 Type  Subtype
 Vacation  Not applicable.
 Leave request
  • Temporary topic.
  • Medical Visit.
  • Rest- health issues.
 Medical visit report
  • Only medical visit.
  • Visit with disability.

How can I download it?

The software “GO permisos”, base software, it is available in the App Store and Play Store. This software is free for final users, just look it up by its name, download it and start using it (only for authorized users)

How does it work?

GO Permisos is divided into 4 modules, distributed in the front and back end. These are in charge of managing different software functionalities. All together allows an organization manage leave requests.

The front end modules correspond to the access gate for the users software.


Available for Android and IOS. It is a very simple software which allows the authorized users functionalities such as:

  1. Consulting the employee profile.
  2. Registering every kind of requests.
  3. Consulting the state of a request.
  4. Consulting available vacations.
  5. Approving or rejecting requests (for authorized users).


Web module available for most commercial browsers. It is responsive, it allows your access from a mobile browser. This software is accessed exclusively by authorized users to manage the permits module and vacation module. Its main functionalities are:

  1. Administrating employees (consultation, editing, addition).
  2. Consulting vacation movements per employee.
  3. Consulting the vacation balance per employee.
  4. Maintenance of the main software catalogs and parameters.
  5. Administrating the software security.
  6. Consulting software logbooks.

The modules back end, manage the software logic. There are two modules.

Permits module: Exclusively designed to manage every kind of vacation requests. It is integrated to the organizational hierarchy to determine who has to approve each collaborator request.

Vacation Module: Vacation Core Module which administrates each collaborator vacation movements. It allows to adequate the module according to the current legislation. This module is recommended for those organizations that don’t have a RRHH System which manages their collaborators requests. It is optional and can be substituted by an integration with this organization module.

How can I implement GO Permisos in my organization?

GO Permisos is a base software which can be customized the following way:

  1. Replacing the logo with your own organization.
  2. The color pallet of the software template can be adjusted according to the official organization.
  3. Changing the name before the publication to one which represents your organization, previously approved by GO Consultores and under copyright of GO Consultores.
  4. Configurating vacation policies to allow, among other things:

a. Vacation consumption of current period.
b. Annual or monthly accumulation.
c. Minimum amount of vacation days after approving a request (accepting negatives).
d. Allowing to enter vacation requests with previous dates before the current date.

Once this customization is complete, GO Consultores will publish a software in Play Store and App Store.

The version “Corporativa Integrada” requires hours of consulting which can be performed by GO Consultores or directly by the client.

What options do I have?

The following chart shows two possible implementations recommended by GO Permits.

 Module  Functionality  Corporative Complete  Integrated Corporate
 Mobile Software  General data query.  Yes  Yes
 Registering requests.  Yes  Yes
 Consulting a request state.  Yes  Yes
 Consulting available vacations.  Yes  Yes
 Approving or rejecting requests.  Yes  Yes
 Web Software?  Employees management.  Yes  Yes
 Consulting vacation movements.  Yes  No
 Consulting each employee balance vacation.  Yes  Yes
 Maintenance  Yes  Yes
 Administrating security.  Yes  Yes
 Consulting logbooks.  Yes  Yes
 Permits Module  Core for vacation and  permits requests.  Yes  Yes
 Vacation Module  Core for vacation management. Involves both accrediting and  debiting vacation days.  Yes  No

Complete Corporate: It covers all the existing modules both in the mobile software and in the web software.

Integrated Corporate: For those organizations which already have a Human Resources System which manage the staff vacations. This option is offered where the app software is integrated into any Core for vacation management. This way we put your vacation module into mobile devices.


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