GO Medic

Available geo referential Mobil Software for Android and IOS that allows an insurance company health cooperative or professional association make available the registered physicians catalog, medical centers, labs and drugstores for their affiliates or insurees. In addition, through the app the affiliates or insurees can contact a specialist, locating his/her office on the map or calling to set up an appointment.

How does it work?

GO Medic is divided into 4 modules, distributed in the front and back end. These are in charge of managing different software functionalities. All together allow an organization to manage its leave requests.

* The front-end modules correspond to the access gate for the users software.


Available for Android and IOS. It is a very simple software which allows the authorized users functionalities such as:

Start: For advanced searches in the database of physicians, hospitals, drugstores and laboratories.
Physicians directory grouped into specialties.
Exclusive searcher for medical centers.
Physician contact profile allows you to make phone calls or map searching.
Consultations of physicians opening times.


Available web module for most commercial browsers. It is responsive, it allows your access from a mobile browser. This software is accessed exclusively by authorized users to manage the medical module. Its main functionalities are:

Administration of physicians and medical centers.
Maintenance of main catalogs and software parameters.
Administration of mobile software security.
Consultation of software logbooks.

The back end module handle the software logic. There are two modules.

Physicians and administrators screens

Visitors screens

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