Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is the ability to manipulate data and turn it  into very important information which later will be transformed into knowledge for an organization. This is a key factor since, on the basis of this knowledge, an array of decisions will be taken to improve the business processes.

We have experience in:


  • ETL’s for tracking information from flat files and heterogeneous databases. Creation of data cubes and star architecture or snowflake.
  • Designing and implementing the staging area for integrating extractions from Legacy Systems: Data Models(Incremental tables, tractable, Temporal, Administrative.) Model Tuning: Partitions, Indices, optimizing storing, compression type and tablespaces.
  • Designing and development of Olap Cubes in Analysis Services. Creating the processes for refreshing the cube.
  • Designing and development of asynchrony dynamics for consuming multidimensional cubes.
  • Agile developments on Oracle Apex for designing GUI for supporting administrative tables of DWH, Dashboard designments.
  • Micro strategy: Design and production of Dashboard to visualize business indicators. Designment and production of Visual Insights. Designing and production of documentary oriented to mobile phone.

BigData (Data Upload “Local to Cloud”)

  • Development of Jars, Shell scripts or stored proceedings of database for posting the information in the cloud.
  • Creation of transformation process, encryption, special characters depuration, format standardization, structured and writing from the flat files sources to be uploaded to the cloud.
  • Condensation of batch files coming from flat format sources.
  • Control design model for charge integrity, checksum verification, renaming and certification.
  • The use of API Amazon S3 for placing objects in the Buckets.
  • Scheduling of uploading processes.

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