San Pedro Sula

San Pedro Sula, located in the department of Cortes, it is the second most populated city in Honduras and also the industrial companies headquarters of banana production. San Pedro Sula’s economy has been turning to a development stage, driven by the establishment of industrial parks.

This city is considered as the Honduras industrial capital. It generates the 62% of the gross domestic product and 68% of Honduras exports. It is clear that, this new era of corporate and social activity from an industrial community like San Pedro Sula is closely connected with the development of information technologies. (IT).

In Go Consultores we develop and provide cutting-edge and world class TI solutions intended to the institutional and corporate sector in San Pedro Sula. We offer services for the development of outsourcing projects, diverse consultancies for the analysis, development, tests, implementation and final product training through software.

IT Services in San Pedro Sula

We invite you to know the services and products we offer, or else to see our successful projects. It will be a pleasure to serve you!

01. Software Development (WEB, MOBIL)

When our clients request an app with particular characteristics to their company or business that cannot be worked out or adapted to...

02. Systems Integration

Your company has invested in a new information system, but you are concerned about the consistency and accuracy regarding information...

03. Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is the ability to manipulate data and turn it into very important information which later will be transformed...

04. Service desk for technical support on applications software (level 2)

Having computing solutions in a organization implies many responsibilities since anytime inconsistencies...
Desarrollo web - SEO

05. Web Development and Search Engine Optimization

Thinking about digital, not as a single channel, but instead, as an omnichannel presence where prospects can be present anywhere and with any device at the same time...