Second level support for attending final users.

Technical information:
Front end: React JS, Kendo UI Framework - Server Side: .NET. - Customer Support: Connectwise, Fogbugz.
Core business:
Banking core business. Information technology.
Project Descriptions
Our client, which has its operational base in the East Coast of the United States, relied on the nearshore benefits. That’s why an alliance with GO Consultores was made to provide the important task of Level 2 support to assist its clients.

Among the delegated areas are:
1. Attending incidents of Customer Support where:

a. The client reports an error. At this moment the client explains that it is having a problem with the system.

b. Interaction with the customer: FogBugz is used to provide the customer with instructions to gather more information to diagnose the problem

c. General problem diagnosis: The priority of incidence is established based on the obtained information. A capable person is assigned to figure out the problem. A meeting is arranged to enter the customer production environment to make a technical diagnosis.

d. Technical Review: the root of the problem is determined, and then a possible solution is proposed. After that the solution is validated to give green light to its application. Finding out the root of the problem is crucial to avoid possible repetitions.

e. Incidence resolution.

2. Development of small system improvements, mostly Front End with small changes in the Back End.

3. Addressing reported error or bugs by customer support agents within the test environment.

4. Diagnosis and solution of errors reported by clients where there must be access to customer production servers to determined possible causes of error, Thus proposing a solution, which is validated by the development team before being applied. In case it is determined that something has occurred very frequently, it is taken into account to create a possible case to avoid malfunctioning with other clients.

5. Addressing incidents in the real environment (production) reported by the clients: When an incidence is reported for some reason, only can be addressed at the client’s environment so that a series of tests are performed to generate a diagnosis: the steps to follow are:

a. The customer support agent sends an email to the client explaining that one of his/her programmers will be available to address the problem, so let him/her know when he/she will be available.

b. The client responds in a positive way to arrange the meeting the same day.

c. The customer support agent sends the information to the meeting so that it can be connected, thus having Access to the clien’s environment

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