Raroc Automatization for Calculation

Technical information:
Oracle Platform, PL-SQL, .NET, Visual Studio 2015, IIS, DevExpress.
Project Descriptions
Yield adjusted to the venture capital (RAROC) allows to measure a portfolio profitability.
It is widely used by the credit department at financial institutions as a management and control tool.
Complex Excel sheets are usually made in order to automatize the client’s RAROC calculation or an array of credit operations which make up the portfolio of a financial institution.

For the purpose of automatizing the handling of Excel sheets, our client requested us to execute the project for the modality customized development.
The developed product was about a web software for automatization of RAROC calculation in order to minimize operative mistakes and make the process more effective.
The implemented tool consisted of three main functionalities for the RAROC calculation of a new or existing client. RAROC for portfolio balances and a third functionality for calculating the RAROC for disbursements made in a certain period of time.

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