Portal for the Welfare Benefits Fund

Technical information:
.NET, Azure, Active Directory, Sharepoint, DevExtreme, SQL Server and Oracle.
Portal para Fondo de Prestaciones Sociales - Portal for the Welfare Benefits fund
Project Descriptions
The Project consisted of implementing a new portal for the management of every kind of requests from the affiliates to the Welfare Benefits Fund of this client. In addition to requests management, the authorized users can now count on a tool to do consultations about the existing loans, obtained benefits, digital file, as well as information of interest related to the service provided by the Fund.

Furthermore, the project considered to redesign the administrative software used by the Fund staff for managing requests entered from the web portal. This new software is controlled by using the BPM tool. (Business Process Management) GO Workflow, previously implemented by Go Consultores. The project considered the modelling of all the business flows on this tool, also a task was carried out to optimize flows.

Finally, a component of Business Intelligence was considered where information of interest was offered for decision making in Dashboard format.

On this Project, Go Consultores was responsible for all the stages of its development. Since the need analysis, its design and implementation, as well as the production readiness, support and accompaniment. The team project was managed by using the SCRUM methodology, with development cycles of two weeks, following-up and daily accompaniment.

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