Commercial Cycle Redesign

Technical information:
Oracle Platform: PL-SQL-JDeveloper 10G
Project Descriptions
A process for approving a credit request goes through a series of stages where different players carry out different tasks. Some tasks are automatized in one or more computing systems and others are manual. This project is intended to support a client from the banking sector on his workflow automatization. This tool sought to be a facilitating instrument for the bank work trading area.

The kind of supported requests by the system are:
Financial requests for executing the Project.
Financing lines requests for intermediary Financial Institutions.
Financing requests for diverse products of development banking.
Claims for reimbursement about operations previously approved.

The controlled stages by the system are: Inquest, Analysis, approval, notarizing and reimbursements.

Furthermore, the developed tool is integrated into backend banking modules for customers’ registration, credit lines, warranties, reimbursements as well as its accounting affectation.

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