We have highly well capable human talent trained on cutting edge market technologies. Always ensuring the integrity, efficiency and functionality of our work taking into account our client’s requests.

Company’s experience on projects

Since its foundation in 2005, this company has stored up great experience in projects for developing computer applications. The following correspond to a list of areas where the company has developed during the period it has provided its services.

  • Drawing up and collecting requirements through interviews with users, and also analyzing the current situation.
  • Management of projects for developing computer applications, taking responsibility for all the project cycle.
  • Knowledge of different cutting-edge technological tools for integrating the developed applications into the client’s corporate platform.

Developing methodologies

In GO Consultores we endorse our developments following requirements proposed by world class cutting-edge technologies regarding delivering results to our clients.

We use the stablished standards by the Project Management Institute (PMI), which have delivered results with excellence to implement high-scale technologies that required by their nature great planning and control in terms of the project advance.

Likewise, we use agile methodologies such as Scrum or Kanban to approach developments presented in an unforeseen way but are a high priority to fulfill the expected business functions efficiently and effectively.


Completed Projects

Systems Integration Projects

Get to know the projects we have completed in GO Consultores through the integration of systems.

Customized Development

Get to know the projects we have completed in Go Consultores through the customized development.

Business Inteligence Projects

Learn about the projects we have carried out in GO Consultants through the development of Business Intelligence.