Proyecto GO Blocks

Project: GO BLOCKS

Go Consultores conducts actions under its environmental policy in order to involve its collaborators into the environmental care . For that purpose, it has launched its “GO BLOCKS” project. In the words of an environmental committee member, Maleni Barahona, the initiative consists of using plastic bottles to store up waste which is not usually recyclable to later use them as blocks or sound insulators in multiple construction sites.

Proyecto GO Blocks

The importance of this undertaking for the company lies in not only having an ecological component by giving a productive use for the common waste but also seeking to have a social impact with these finished blocks. At this point, the project is in the collecting stage of “ GO BLOCKS”. When the amount of blocks allows to carry out a construction work , the company’s Social Committee will select a beneficiary to build a work.

Within these actions, the company has trained the 100% of its staff on the filling of these labeled blocks so that from home the staff can execute this initiative. The whole family is expected to be involved. Go Consultores has an environmental policy with waste handling components, as well as the use of energy. This project forms part of a work plan the company is committed to execute.