B-Race Tools

Por José Chaves Barboza

According to B-Solutions Group : “…the Risk Administration has as a target to implement methodological approach which allows the organizations to integrate the whole management process and complement their governance framework. This risk management process which complements the organization making decision model has to be supported by an intensive socialization process to develop a sensible culture before the factors which can expose the organization processes vulnerabilities.”


GO Consultores as a consulting and developing software company has executed multiple projects, oriented to banking, related to Risk Management topic. First of all, we can mention the Reference Expert Model which at our customer’s request, allows to feed the quantitative module that rates the risks of credit operations. Another case of success was about the Self-assessment Software and action plans; the implemented product sought to control the institutional evaluation process from the risk identification to the evaluation issuing as well as its subsequent follow-up work of action plans.


A third implemented product, through the modality of customized development, has been the Calculation Automatization Module RAROC; this allows to get the RAROC of a financial institution, enabling it to determine the RAROC per country, customer, economic sector as well as other indicators to rate the operations.


GO Consultores is aware of our customers’ need regarding the banking sector to have effective solutions on Risk Management; that’s why a business alliance has been consolidated with B-Solutions. This company has wide experience in this kind of consultancies. In addition, B-Solutions has launched to the market a complete solution to perform the risk integral management, based on the BASILEA principles.


B-Race Tools is made up of nine modules (Market Risks, Credit Risks, Liquidity Risks, Operational, Customer Scoring, Probabilistic Scoring, Questionnaires Management, Money laundering and B-Race Engine). Although as a whole they make up the Risk Integral Management, these can be implemented modularly by setting B-RACE Engine as a starting point.


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