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Outsourcing in Honduras

In every productive company there are activities that distract the administration and staff, reducing the time and strength they need to carry out the proper function of the central activity at the commercial establishment, industry, educational institution, etc.

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Software development in Honduras

The use of generic computer programs is usually regarded as solution which provides a great amount of productive tools. But it is more likely that some of them have little or any use, utility or they don’t adapt to the company needs.

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Outsourcing Hiring Models

The outsourcing services consist on hiring a company by other company for it to take charge of an activity. It is expected that the hired company has enough experience to perform that task as well as to have the necessary trained human talent.

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Implementation of Datawarehouse with Kimball Methodology

The business intelligence is an array of methodologies, software and technologies which provide inside and well-structured information to companies and organizations that works as support for taking decisions.

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B-Race Tools

The Risk Administration has as a target to implement methodological approach which allows the organizations to integrate the whole management process and complement their governance framework.